is the premier place to buy the insurance your practice needs. We acquired this status by offering our healthcare industry clients the following top-level services:

Risk Analysis
No practices. The brokers you will work with assess your individual firm and the risks you face, working in your financial position. We model your finances against your exposures, loss history and future plans to secure the best program for you.

Insurance Placement
Everything we do revolves around transferring and financing the risk your practice faces. We do this primarily through purchasing insurance. We work with you to discover what insurance your practice is required to carry, what protection you need and obtain multiple options for you to consider.

Claims Advocacy
In the event of a claim being made against your malpractice policy we will assist you as you report the matter to the insurance company. We will also act as your liaison and advocate to the insurance company. Having someone who is familiar with the claims process and able to negotiate with the the insurance company often proves invaluable.