$28.5M FL Verdict

A Florida Jury has awarded an injured child almost $28.5M from a misdiagnosis of meningitis. The jury found the patient had not been diagnosed quickly enough when he was seen by the physicians.

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$24M New Orleans Jury Award

A jury in Louisiana has awarded $24M to the family of a brain damaged child who was injured during surgery by an infusion pump.

The medical device manufactures had previously settled their portion of the liability.  The physician involved paid out the $100k required by the state patient compensation fund.

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New Yorker Article on Big Medicine

The author of “The Cost Conundrum” article that was cited heavily during the healthcare reform debate has published a new article title “Big Med“.

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Hiring and Facebook

The Illinois Governor signed H.B. 3782 into law on August 1st.  The bill addresses the growth of social networking sites in the hiring process and makes it illegal for an employer to ask for a potential employee’s social networking information.  Social networking is proving to be a quickly evolving field and the laws are trying to keep up.  InsurePhysicians.com sees this as an example of just how important is is for a company to be careful when using social websites during the interview process.  Employment practices liability insurance and counsel from a law firm specialized in employment law are proving to be necessities for any firm.  Contact us today for additional information on ways to protect your firm from lawsuits.