Utah Insurer to Merge with TDC

The most recent merger in the physician liability space is Salt Lake City’s Utah Medical Insurance Association, which it is announced is going to be acquired by The Doctors Company.

Years of lowering malpractice rates, increasing competition and consolidation of physician providers have forced many insurance carriers to put themselves up for sale to survive.

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Social Media Risk Management

Last week FierceHealthcare published an list of well publicized social media releases of patient information. With HIPAA and HITECH providers have a much greater standard of care to protect health information.

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JAMA Claims Study Released

The Journal of the American Medical Association has released a study comparing ambulatory to inpatient medical malpractice claims.

The most recent update surprisingly shows that the number of claims from outpatient  settings has matched inpatient claims for the first time.

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Lawsuits Rise over “Ghost Surgeries”

A Chicago Tribune article cites several cases in the rising trend of malpractice allegations over “ghost surgeries”. Patients generally sue only when they are upset, if there is a complication and the person finds out it wasn’t their doctor that caused it, they tend to be angry. Proper documentation and disclosure is important with each and every procedure.

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Article on Technology Replacing Physicians

An article in The Economist this week describes the growing trend of technology and lower level providers replacing roles traditionally held by physicians. As physicians continue to contract with technology providers and hire lower level professionals it can greatly increase risks and insurance costs.

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