$3.5M Missouri Verdict

A Missouri jury has returned a verdict for $3,457,000 to a Maryville MO couple.

Thomas V. DiStefano, MD and SSM Regional Health will pay $1.773M Million. While Steven B. Smith, MD and Northland Bone and Joint were hit with $1.684M million.

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Doctor Charged With Insider Trading

A Michigan Neurologist has been charged with insider trading, it is alleged he was paid to pass information on an Alzheimer’s disease clinical trial to a hedge fund.

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Whistleblowing Doc Fired, Sues

A Texas doctor has filed suit claiming that a physicians network fired him after reporting a doctor whom he believes improperly claimed a Medicare bonus.

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Doctor Wins $3.3M for Termination

A California surgeon who was fired by the state prison system was awarded $3.3M by a jury. The case highlights the need to carefully document and involve legal counsel in any terminations – especially of highly compensated employees.

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Insurer Denies Sexual Abuse Claim

Illinois Physician Insurer ISMIE has filed suit to deny a malpractice claim they have been defending for five years. The claim involves a physician, Dr  Ricardo Arze, who performed sexual acts as a treatment for depression. Arze w as found gulity of criminal sexual assault in May.

Insuring criminal acts is unethical (and illegal) and excluded in all policies. In cases like Dr. Arze insurers will defend a physician of alleged criminal acts until they are found guilty, at that point coverage ceases.

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Stark Law Fine for $9,300,000

A Missouri hospital has be hit with a $9.3M fine for providing incentive pay to 70 doctors.

This fine should be seen as a warning to any physician who has a financial interest in a surgery center, imaging lab or other facility. Regulations will continue to increase and enforcement will rise.

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MGA Rockbridge Acquired by RLI

Surplus lines physician program underwriter Rockbridge has been acquired by RLI. The MGA had previously underwrote for National Indemnity, a division of Berkshire Hathaway.

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