Rahm on Malpractice Reform

A Chicago magazine article focused on Rahm Emanuel and health care reform highlights that he told his older brother to “shut the f*** up” when he mentioned medical malpractice reform on a national level.

Rahm, one of the original architects of the PPACA, highlights the national landscape and reasons why malpractice reform does not appear to be on the national agenda. It also gives insight into his overall views. As Mayor of Chicago he holds great influence over state politics and is one of the few politicians in the state that is both well known and generally liked.

The best hope for Malpractice reform in Illinois appears to be Bruce Rauner’s winning on the Republican Primary for Governor yesterday. The State Supreme Court and Legislature have a history of fighting any meaningful changes and any proposed bill will have an uphill multi-year battle to have any effect on reducing malpractice costs in Illinois.

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