Large Group Moves to Strategic Approach

A group of multi-specialty group of physicians thirty strong had been insured with a regional insurance carrier since their founding in the early 90s. They had explored several options over the years but always struggled moving away from what they knew. Working with they approached the issues in another way, rather than asking insurance companies for options and reacting they sat down with their new broker and planned several years into the future. Knowing the groups plan a new structure and carrier with implemented with savings estimated at over 20% a year over the planning period.

Mid-Sized Practice Prepares for Reform

A six person physician group knew that healthcare reform would eventually force them to lose their independence. Either through a merger with a larger group across town or becoming employees of the hospital they served on the staff of. Working with the group explored their options and restructed their insurance progra, to avoid massive tail insurance costs when it was time to move into another insurance program.

Single Practitioner Tired of Being Reactive

A single physician was with a large national insurance company, he had moved for a low price and could never find a cheaper option from another broker. Looking for better service and clearer advice, he wrote a broker of record letter and moved his program. On the next renewal he recived a premium decrease and broader terms were negotiated.